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College of the Ozarks AD Honor Roll announced. 

The College of the Ozarks Athletic Department has announced the Fall 2021 Athletic Director’s Honor Roll. In order to achieve honor roll status, students must be a varsity participant in a Bobcat or Lady Bobcat sport and achieve a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. Athletes achieving a grade point average of 3.00-3.49 are White Scholars, while attaining a grade point average of 3.50 to 4.00 reaches distinction as a Maroon Scholar. 73 total athletes achieved honor roll status for the spring semester of 2021; 34 Maroon Scholars and 39 White Scholars. 


The following students achieve Athletic Director Honor Roll status:


 WHITE SCHOLARS – 3.0-3.49

Colin Pyatt – Baseball

Rhett Hill – Baseball

Tyler Buchanan – Baseball

Cadan Kauffman – Baseball

Kyle Brattin – Baseball

Spencer Greene – Baseball

Isaiah Smith - Baseball

Ryan Daggs – Baseball

Tanner Wright – Baseball

Chandler Tidwell – Baseball

Tanner Rogers - Men’s Basketball

Andrew  Mitchell - Men’s Basketball

Garrett Simmerman - Men’s Basketball

Buck Sanders - Men’s Basketball

Stevi Jones - Women’s Basketball

Kyra Hardesty - Women’s Basketball

Katelyn Mayes - Women’s Basketball

Hailey Indendi - Cheer

Davis Garrison - Cheer

Kaitlyn Stockton - Cheer

Eden Strickland - Cheer

Maxyne  Davis – Cheer

Madi Koehler - Cheer 

Bailey Lynn - Cheer

Kailea Transeau - Cheer

Emma Sholtes - Cheer

Janelle Staal - Women’s Cross Country

Mary Zimmerman - Women’s Cross Country

Abigayle Money - Women’s Cross Country

Trinity Sadosky - Women’s Cross Country 

Janvier Irakoze - Men’s Cross Country

Matthew Thomas - Track

Cody Damlo - Men’s Track

Drew Steuck – Men’s Track

Bailey Chamberlain - Volleyball

Kiley Counts – Volleyball

Morgan Austin – Volleyball

Leatha Keller – Volleyball

Alison Wallace - Volleyball




Trey Riley - Baseball

Titus Atkins - Baseball

Zane Kelly – Baseball

Chuck Hill - Baseball

Riley Loyd - Baseball

Joshua Linehan - Men’s Basketball

Drew Vachon - Men’s Basketball

Taanner Diaz - Men’s Basketball

Jordan Wersinger - Women’s Basketball

Annie Noah - Women’s Basketball

Danielle Kerns - Women’s Basketball

Cameran Martin - Women’s Basketball

Michelle Gabani - Women’s Basketball

Kayley Frank - Women’s Basketball

Brooklyne Burtless – Cheer

Rachel Slocum – Cheer

Riley Griffin – Cheer

Taylor Pipenhagen – Cheer

Emily Staal - Women’s Cross Country

Brooklyne Sederwall - Women’s Cross Country

Jacquelyn O’Harver - Women’s Cross Country

Rebecca Loya- Women’s Cross Country

Naomi Foskett - Women’s Cross CountryV​​​​​​​

Cole Chafin - Men’s Cross Country

Mason Apperson - Men’s Cross Country

Garrett   Pierce - Men’sCross Country

Wesley Moore - Men’s Cross Country

Spencer Dyck - Men’s Cross Country

Sarah Porter - Women’s Track

Briar Kellem - Men’s Track

Micah Bermenderfer - Men’s Track

Ryley Thixton - Volleyball

Morgan Wood - Volleyball

Abigail Menzies - Volleyball

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