The battle of the Tigers took place when the Lamar Tigers took the road to face the Hollister Tigers on Friday, Oct. 21.

In an offensive blowout which resulted in a final score of 41-0, Lamar defeated Hollister.

Hollister Tigers - Elijah Small Flag

Elijah Small leads the Tiger football team to the field.

Lamar has been a tough opponent all year, only having been bested by the Seneca Indians. After Friday’s win against Hollister, Lamar sits at 8-1 on the season, winning five games straight and having offensively dominated in each game played. 

Hollister Tigers - Colton Hale Rushing

Hollister Tiger Colton Hale in a rushing play Friday, October 21 against Lamar.

The Hollister Tigers are 3-6 for the season. They are the number four  seed in Class 2 District 4 playoffs, and will host the East Newton Patriots in the first round matchup at home on Friday, Oct. 28. The Patriots are 0-9 on the season.

Hollister celebrated their seniors Friday evening, which included a long list of Tiger football players.

Hollister football seniors: Gabe Bean, Luke Calovich, Michael Collins, Ryland Franks, Devon Girard, Boston Huck, Ethan Jiminez, Ayden Kimmell, Cam Krysl, Zack Nuss, Kannon Parker, Blake Russell, Evan Scott, Elijah Small, Silas Woodbury, and Ethan Wright.

Hollister band seniors: Hailey Greene, Stephen Hall, Jazmin Rodriguez-Galvan, Jacob Rylott, and Aden Woods.

Girls golf seniors: Jazmin Espino, Rachel Robinson and Alana Robb.

Girls volleyball seniors: Marlene Perez and Cristina Hernandez.

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