The Blue Eye boys basketball team is entering uncharted territory with no seniors for the first time in recent years.

For a conference as senior heavy as the SouthWest Central League, the Blue Eye boys basketball team will be an anomaly this year, with no seniors on the squad. It’s a first for head coach Kyle Turner, but his hopes for the season remain high.

The Blue Eye boys haven’t won a SWCL title, but they’ve always been near the top of the highly competitive conference. They haven’t had a losing season since 2011 and have 60 wins over the last three seasons.

So, despite being led by all juniors, Turner has set lofty expectations for his team.

“We tell the kids, ‘nobody feels sorry for you,’” Turner said. “We have to prepare and be ready and do the best we can. The biggest thing we preach is just to try to get better every day.”

This season hasn’t come without its hiccups already, though. The Bulldogs have already had to quarantine because of the coronavirus, which has caused problems when it comes to getting the full team together for practice. Because the squad is so young, it’s been difficult for Turner to piece together a full starting five, but he’s getting there.

“There’s gonna be a lot of competition for the remaining spots, so we think that’ll be good for us,” Turner said.

Even though the team is young in terms of class, the varsity experience is present from other sports. Some of the boys competed in fall baseball and/or cross-country, which had a second-place team finish at state.

“Whenever you’re young, you’re not really scared of anything,” Turner said.

Also, the experience from being around previous classes that had successful seasons is something Turner hopes will rub off on the others who were around them at that time.

“The way some of those guys set the example for how to get yourself ready, and how the extra amount of work that those guys put in allowed us to have the success we’ve had the last three years,” Turner said. “Hopefully that’s rubbed off on some of these guys in their preparation.”

Due to quarantine, the Bulldogs are starting their season a week later than originally anticipated. They will start their season at the Forsyth Invitational Nov. 30-Dec. 5.

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