About a month ago, I started to look at what things I could write about over the summer to keep readers informed on sports going on in the area — and the world.

It’s hard in a place like Branson where most (pretty much all) sports we cover are high school sports. As you all know, high school sports don’t compete as often during the summer. Sure, there are summer leagues and 7-on-7 and golf tournaments. But the constant go-go-go of the August to May school year drops to just a go.

So, I wanted to find unique ways to still write about sports. And I thought “There are a ton of authors in the area and the state. What if I did a summer reading list?”

And I know what you’re thinking. Who would do that to themselves? Well, I enjoy reading in my free time, and I think it will be a good way to continue my learning despite the end to my traditional education. (Yeah, I graduated college!!!)

So, I’ve started a list. I haven’t completely decided on a start date yet, but I will likely read one book per week until sports pick back up in August. If you have any suggestions, ideas, recommendations, or you just think I’m crazy, shoot me an email asullivan@bransontrilakesnews.com or message me on Twitter @mandajusullivan.

I can’t wait to hear from you and I can’t wait to read more.

Let’s do this.

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