The Reeds Spring Wolves traveled to Hollister Friday, Sept. 16, in an attempt to bring back the Backyard Battle Trophy, after the Tigers beat the Wolves last year for the title. 

During the long anticipated rematch after last year’s playoff the Hollister Tigers varsity football team fell to the Wolves, 34-14.

The Wolves took the lead 7-0 in the 2nd quarter, as they scored with a two yard rushing touchdown, followed by an extra point. With less than a minute left in the half, Reeds Spring scored another rushing touchdown and extra point, extending their lead to 14-0.

Reeds Spring scored again in the 3rd quarter with another rushing touchdown, leading 21-0 and with less than three minutes left in the quarter, scored again on a 65-yard pass, extending their lead to shut out the Tigers 27-0, missing the extra point. 

In the 4th quarter, Hollister rallied back and got on the scoreboard with a pass completed for a touchdown and an extra point making the score of the game 27-7. 

With seven minutes to go, the Wolves scored again, completing a 48-yard pass resulting in a touchdown. The extra point was good, making the score of the game 34-7 in Reeds Springs’ favor.

With three minutes left in the game, the Tigers scored once more with a 31-yard rushing touchdown and an extra point. 

The Wolves took the win over the Hollister Tigers, and brought the trophy back to Reeds Springs. They have extended their win/loss record this season to 3-1 and are ranked ninth in Class 3. The Wolves will face the Marshfield Bluejays on Friday, Sept. 23 at home.

The Hollister Tigers have a record of 1-3 and will travel to Aurora to face the Houn’ Dawgs on Friday, Sept. 23. 

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