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ArrowPoint Solar is installing nearly 1,300 solar panels at the sports facility. Ballparks of America’s numerous red rooftops are one of the most recognizable features of this national baseball destination.

With sights set on a more sustainable future, Ballparks of America has announced the decision to make a major investment in solar energy at its world-class sports complex. ArrowPoint Solar of Nixa, Missouri, has been selected to complete the installation of nearly 1,300 solar panels at the premier baseball and softball sports facility.

Even among their signature 5 major-league replica fields, Ballparks of America’s numerous red rooftops are one of the most recognizable features of this national baseball destination. Ballparks of America co- owner Paul Satterwhite noted, “this solar project will put our red roofs to good use, allow us to be a good steward of energy resources, and help with the utility expenses of the Ballparks complex over the life of the panels.” Satterwhite added “it’s been fun to watch Ballparks’ red roofs ‘go green’.”

Installing this number of solar panels is equivalent to adding 12,429 acres of forest, reducing 16 million pounds of coal, or eliminating 1.04 million miles driven by a vehicle. The project, ArrowPoint Solar’s largest solar installation to date, is a notable step toward sustainability for Ballparks of America and a great example for forward-thinking venues like it in the sports tourism industry.

ArrowPoint president Shawn Roberts said that solar provides limitless savings potential to families and businesses. “We’re so proud to partner with Ballparks of America as they transition to sustainable solar energy,” Roberts said. “We are excited to see the long-term impact of solar on this iconic Ozarks destination. Fans from all over the country and world will see the power of sport and solar; a winning combination.”

The ownership group anticipates that in addition to the environmental benefits that solar will provide, the cost reduction resulting from this solar energy project will allow Ballparks of America to immediately make improvements to the on-campus experience. Players, coaches, families and visitors should be on the lookout for those updates as soon as this summer tournament season - which is currently accepting team registrations. For more information on the complex or to register, visit www.ballparksofamerica.com.

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