Trev Alberts introduced as Nebraska AD, 7.14

Trev Alberts speaks at an introductory press conference as Nebraska's athletic director Wednesday, July 14 at Memorial Stadium. Content Exchange

Nebraska athletic director Trev Alberts spent part of last week in athletic director meetings with the LEAD1 association and, naturally, "The Alliance" came up. 

The informal alignment between the Big Ten, ACC and Pac-12 isn't much more than a concept currently, but Alberts said he thinks it will be beneficial as time goes on. 

Moreover, Alberts during an hourlong appearance on the "Sports Nightly" radio program on Wednesday indicated that the arrangement could lead to up to two Alliance nonconference games per season in the future and also suggested that the Big Ten could potentially drop from nine conference games to eight. 

None of that will be sorted out, though, until there's a finalized framework on what the future of the College Football Playoff looks like. 

"We need to understand more clearly exactly what all of the qualifications and what the examination of what potential playoff teams will be prior to making rash decisions," Alberts said. "So, we’re not sure exactly how it goes forward. Initially, we were thinking eight conference games, but it could be nine, we could stay at nine."

Oklahoma and Texas agreeing to join the SEC earlier this year caused the Big Ten to pause its designs of reducing to eight league games. 

"(Now, we'll) pause and wait until we understand what an expanded playoff looks like," Alberts said. "I think you could se the SEC with an expanded group go to nine conference games." 

He's confident, though, that the work between the three power conferences will be fruitful in the long run. 

"We’re going to be patient here, we’re going to wait and see. Ultimately, the Alliance is a real thing," Alberts said. "I think it’s going to really benefit Nebraska, I think it’s going to help us when we’re at the table in terms of helping to reframe what the constitution looks like and what college football looks like.

"But whether it’s nine conference games or eight, whether it’s two Alliance games or one initially, we’ll have to see. What we do initially may not be what we ultimately get to. So, we’ll see, but no hard decisions have been made."

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